How Our Program Works

Your baby’s pediatrician will decide if phototherapy (biliblanket) is right for your newborn.

Our Biliblankets are only dispensed once a physician’s order for it has been received.

A typical physician’s order would include the Baby’s name, DOB, the reason for a Biliblanket (diagnosis), expected length of need and physicians name/signature and date.

The physician’s office will also need to send a demographic sheet. This sheet would have all the information that our company will need to contact you.

Once all required information is received we will contact you to schedule a pick up or delivery.


We are now able to accept most insurance PPO plans that offer out-of-network benefits. If your plan allows you to go out of network, we can negotiate with your insurance to pay for a portion of our daily rental. If you do not have an out of network plan, our rental cost of a BiliBlanket unit is $85/day for every day that the equipment is in your possession.

Once the equipment is rented, a minimum fee equivalent to a one day rental will be charged regardless of actual use time.

This cost includes all the necessary accessories used with the BiliBlanket (carry case, sleeves, etc)

Returning A Biliblanket

As soon as the pediatrician determines that there is no futher need for a biliblanket, please contact our office immediately to arrange for a return of the equipment.

Please call our office between the hours of 9AM-4PM, Monday-Friday, to schedule a pick up (if you selected the Round Trip Delivery/Pick Up option).

If you opted to pick up/drop off the Biliblanket at one of our locations, please be sure to return the Biliblanket (between the hours listed above), as soon as usage is over, in order to avoid being charged for additional rental days.

Billing will be stopped once the Biliblanket is returned to one of our representatives.

Your Peace Of Mind

When you receive a biliblanket from us, be rest assured that the following has been done:

1) Maintenance has been done on any equipment that you receive.

2) The equipment that you receive has been cleaned and sterilized.

3) In accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, My Biliblanket Inc., uses a joey docimeter to check each equipment prior to rental. This ensures proper calibration of the LED light and ensures that the lighting is adequate.

Our success depends on your peace of mind.

Delivery cost

Delivery fee is $29.99/each way (Additional delivery charge may be applicable in some locations). Please call our office to see if this may be applicable to your address. We ask that you allow a 4 hour window for all deliveries. Delivery is an optional service. BiliBlanket units may be picked up from our Gaithersburg office. Upon delivery or pick up, you will be instructed on how to properly use the BiliBlanket to acheive its maximum benefits.